Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reading Guide Part 3

Part 3:

8. Pulpwood Queen Joyce Jackson Futch changed my outlook on life. Have you ever met a friend that transformed you as a person? What does friendship mean to you and how are you a friend to others? Joyce also changed my outlook on death. What did you learn from reading about Joyce's story?

9. Growing up, I adored the Miss America pageant, but as a child of the 70's and being forced into a pageant, I found them demeaning. What do you think about beauty pageants and do you think they have a future in our society today?

10. Author Doug Marlette believed that in life, our hope is that we will reach a point where we no longer seek fame and fortune, bright lights, big city, but that we become satisfied with a job well done. I too believe in such a dream. What do you think society can do as a whole to affirm that service above self is much more important than the almighty buck and keeping up with the Joneses?

11. Teachers, librarians, and others who have mentored me have been a blessing in my life. What can we do to help recognize those individuals who believe that a child has worth and should be educated with the highest respect regardless of race, color, religion, and economic background and where they live? Also what can we do as readers to help instill that reading is taught to be the highest form of entertainment and where imaginations are to be cultivated?

12. I have always felt and now know that creating beauty and reading are to be my calling in life --- my life's mission. I love to make people feel better about their self and I love to encourage reading. There is no higher honor than to serve others. What does that statement mean to you? And why as a society don't we praise others who make our lives easier?

13. Name a book that changed your views on seeing the world.