Friday, October 10, 2008

Events of Interest

Thank you, Queen Tracey, for hosting our September meeting.  It was another fun-filled evening with stimulating conversations, intelligent insights.  I must say that after our discussion and talking with author Doug Crandell, I have a much better understanding of the book, Flawless Skin of Ugly People, and am looking forward to reading the second book, Hairdos of the Mildly Depressed.  I want to find out what happens when he opens the door.
Our next book selection will be Singularity by Kathryn Casey.  We'll meet on October 29 at Queen Linda Ory's home in Lake Charles.  Our Food committee will be Queens Linda O, Boo, Lea and myself.  Discussion Questions are posted below.
Queen Allison informed us about the Read for the Record program and handed out info about the project.  If any of you participated please let us know about it and if you have a picture that would be great also.
For those reading ahead our next selections will be Nov 19  The Alchemist by Paul Coelho meeting to be at Queen Laurie's.  And in January will be From the Heart: Seven Rules to Live By, by Robin Roberts hosted by Queen Kay.  December we will just have a  Christmas gathering, date to be decided at our next meeting, hostess will be Queen Brenda V
Girlfriends Weekend will be Jan 15-19 and we have Queens Laurie, Boo, Beverly M, Delaune' and myself signed up thus far. 

The Fall Womens Conference will be this coming Thursday Oct 16 at the Lake Charles Civic Center.  Again this year they have numerous workshops ranging from health, diet, grieve, career, family and business. Keynote speaker will be Debbie Allen.  Also our Member Queen Laurie will be leading one of the workshops dealing with grief.  The website for further information and registration is  I plan to attend.  Perhaps I'll see you there!
Another one of our members, Queen Delaune', will be interviewed online at BookClubGirls website on October 22 at 6 pm.  You can visit this site ahead of time to set up program reminders and see what a BlogTalkRadio show is about.  The site is

 Happy Reading!
Queen Kay 

Book Club Discussion Questions for SINGULARITY

1) What is it about law enforcement that drew Sarah to a career as a Texas Ranger? How do you view her initial contribution as a profiler to the Lucas investigation?

2) Do you think it's difficult for women in law enforcement? Is it still a man's world? Is this unique to law enforcement or are women still treated differently in the workplace?

3) In Sarah's world there are turf wars between agencies, from the local police departments to the rangers to the FBI. Is that unusual, or do you see examples of it in your everyday life?

4) Sarah is still grieving for her husband and appears ill equipped to handle Maggie's pain. When, if ever, does that change? How could Sarah have reacted or what could she have done that might have made a difference for her daughter?

5) Murder investigations today are a combination of forensics and old-fashioned police work. In the Lucas case, what plays the most important role? Or are both facets equally important?

6) How do you view the relationship between Sarah and David? Is it one of convenience/opportunity or do you believe it has possibilities for the future?

7) Does Sarah do the right thing when she follows her conscience and goes public? What would you have done?

8) Do you believe evil exists in the world? What do you see as the primary factors that turn individuals into monsters like the killer in the book?

9) Does Sarah set into motion the events at the end of the book? Should she have seen them coming? Could she have prevented Maggie's and Nora's involvements?

10) At the end of the book, Sarah is momentarily reluctant to pull the trigger with her daughter watching. Is this a sign of weakness or something else?