Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Holiday Email from Kathryn Casey

Wanted to share this with you.  Kathryn will be at the Pulpwood Queen Convention so We are looking forward to meeting her!!
Southwest Louisiana Pulpwood Queens Support education mission for orphanage in Nicaragua
From Jeannine's website www.jeannineralston.com :
"At the suggestion of a member of the Pulpwood Queens book club (a national book club with 200 chapters), the Seed Campaign is donating funds in January to Abrazando Cristo, a wonderful Roman Catholic mission program based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, that came to the aid of people in Nicaragua after devastating Hurricane Mitch and continues to work in Nicaragua and Honduras. One of its main projects is helping to educate children at the San Cristobal (Nicaragua) Orphanage. "

A percentage of sales (4-8% depending on volume) made through clicking through Jeannine's website will be donated to Abrazando Cristo during the month of January.

First:  Go to Jeannine's website  www.jeannineralston.com
Second:  Click on the link "Buy the Book"  another browser window will open up and you will be at Amazon.com  where you can either purchase The Unlikely Lavendar Queen or continue shopping at Amazon.com  and any purchases made will be credited to her Seed Campaign.

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