Friday, July 10, 2009

Update from Laurie on MIssion Trip

What a surprise to hear from you!!  Glad you are safe and all is going well on the mission trip.  100 Bibles is incredible -- what a wonderful gift to be able to give  -- the Greatest Book ever written
I am forwarding your email to the Queens...our prayers are with you, the team, and the people
Much Love


hi kay <laurie here in <nicaragua.  <just wanted to let you know that we arrived and we purchased 100 bibles for a village in Matagalpa a village where we are building a church. The village has a ton of children.  We worked there all day! Whew.  Anyway, we signed the bibles on the cover in spanish from Abrazando Christo and the SW  La pulpwood Queens book club.  So be sure and tell the Queens, in a remote village in Nicaragua,  their funds have gone to good use.  I have pictures of the whole process!  See you soon.