Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kathy posted this on FB about some of the coming events for Girlfriends Weekend...FYI

Her (Fannie Flagg)  latest book will be out in time for Girlfriend Weekend Heidi and you won't believe who all I have coming this year. Pat Conroy is coming back, Janis Owens, Harper Lee Award winner Carolyn Haines, Mark Childress of "Crazy in Alabama" fame, the Queen for your Own Life girls, Kathy Kinney, Mimi on The Drew Carey Show and Cindy Ratzlaff who did the South Beach Diet Book. I could go on and on and this year our Author Dinner will be Author Dinner Theatre. I have playwright author coming from Florida who has a one act set in a beauty shop. All the authors will portray the roles. AND I think Rebecca Wells may be coming from Washington State and pehaps one of the guys from the television show "MAD MEN"! We may do a midnight showing to of a film.
I also have really, really big news breaking soon so hang on to your tiara, we are going on the reading ride of a lifetime.