Friday, July 16, 2010

Evening with Ad Hudler

Talking books with an author as well-versed as Ad Hudler was a grand delight!  His easy and engaging style endeared him to all of us.  Afterall we loved his baby, Man of the House!  A great book to talk about gender identification.  In this day and age, there is much confusion over the roles of men and women at home and in the workplace.  Men are doing things traditionally done by women and  vice versa.  Ad bring this out vividly through the character of Linc Menner, at stay-at-home Dad.  In Man of the House, everyone is in transformation Linc is wondering how he compares to the construction men who are remodeling his home, the daughter is entering puberty and the CEO wife is dealing with hurricane preparations for a hospital.  And in the midst Linc is being stalked by his daughter's teacher. 

Ad did confess that about 70% of the book is based on his real life as he is a stay at home Dad.  Which is why the book tastes real.  We highly recommend this book for your book club or personal enjoyment.  Perhaps you too will be lucky enough to meet up wtih Ad and meet a manly Man of the House.

We had several visitors to our open meeting at the library, hopefully some new recruits to the Pulpwood Queen Book Club world.  It was good to see Pam Carter from the Lafayette PQ's who drove over to meet Ad and chat with us about all things book club. 

Thanks to the combined efforts of the members it was an enthusiastic meeting with lots of questions and discussion.  Queen Lea found a wonderful fleur de lis apron to accompany the Marshes to Mansions cookbook we gave Ad in appreciation for his including us on his Tailgate Tour.  A patron of the library Ruby O'Brien won the pink hammer door prize which was promptly autographed by Ad.  Queen Allison led a wonderful discussion of the questions from  the book.  Queen Tracey was fabulous in coming early to oversee the setup and our thanks go to Marilyn Bonnette, Librarian for her assistance.

Afterward we took Ad to our favorite eating place for a Darrell's Special which he loved!

Pictures posted below!

Ad enjoys a Darrell's Special!