Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Night's Meeting

Thanks to all you Queens who came to our meeting last night and participated in a wonderful reflective discussion.  I am amazed at how we can all read the same book and bring out different parts.  I always come home from our meeting fed with good friends, good food and good discussions.

Didn't you just love Kathy's interview with Fannie Flagg?  How about that theme song for her new show  Beauty and the Book (if you weren't there you can view it at )  Wild Wicked and Free???  She is a dynamo.

It seemed that we all enjoyed reading I Still Dream About You, and were surprised at the amount of reflective  insight we gained and respect for each other.

Several of our new members told me they were reading Kathy's book The Pulpwood Queen and after chatting with her last month via SKYPE, were really enjoying the book and could hardly put it down.
All new members will now be receiving a copy of her book instead of the T shirt.  That will have to be purchased separately.

Speaking of purchases,  it was a unanimous vote last night to have each active member contribute $10 towards club expenses (bookplates, printing, postage).  Most everyone who was there last night went ahead and paid, those of you who weren't can pay at our March meeting. 

Val said she appreciated everyone emailing her back with their food choices, made it very easy for her to prepare.  Will do the same for next month.  If you don't get your email be sure to call her with your order.

Future Book Selections:

March    Cheap Cabernet by Cathie Beck  (will SKYPE)
April     The Sanctuary of Outcasts by Neil White (will SKYPE)
May      The Rhinestone Sisterhood by David Greenwood  (will SKYPE0

In the meantime  Happy Reading and Hope you have a wonderful Mardi Gras!

Kay Huck