Monday, May 30, 2011

May Meeting and Boogie for Books


Hope you have been reading, cause our meeting is only 10 days away, a week from Wed.  My eye surgery went well, I am beginning to read some (obviously if I'm sending email)  Don't know if I can finish the book so I will be relying on y'all for discussion with David Greenwood for his SKYPE interview.

You should have received an email from  Val for food orders if you haven't you can contact her at: or 337-302-1978

Laurie: will you forward this to Jenny Wallace so she can see that food is ordered for any queens that are coming and wish to eat.  Thanks.

Time to BOOGIE FOR BOOKS - Sat May 21   :  We will be in the Literacy Council Tent.  Each volunteer will receive a T-shirt   We will also wear our tiaras and our PQ name badges.  We will be helping with face painting, ticket sales, info on Literacy and book swap, and maybe other things.  If you have books you want to swap out, bring them.

2-5 pm   Barbara Granger, Keri Doise, Marilyn Bonnette

4-7 pm   Lea Durio, Gene and Kay Huck

6-9 pm   Beverly and Jim Martin,  Allison and Chris Kuhn, Melissa Bender

May Meeting - Wed May 25 - The Rhinestone Sisterhood by David Valdes Greenwood.   Former festival queen Jenny Wallace  (Queen Laurie's boss)   will be our special guest and hopefully other queens, such as our own Queen Phyllis Hughes and her granddaughter      Queen Allison volunteered to generate a press release  for "Festival Queens meet Pulpwood Queens"   Queen Erin will be our discussion leader.
June Meeting Wed June 29 -  Georgia Bottoms by Mark Childress (he will be out of the country and unable to call-in)   He will answer by email any questions you might have - so write them down as your read his book!

July Meeting  Wed July 27  M L MALCOLM'S visit -  Planning Committee headed up by Queen Tracey, other members Beverly Martin, Marilyn Bonnette, Phyllis Stine and Keri Doise  
   Presently there will be a day event at Central Library, our meeting Wed evening and perhaps a writers group meeting that Bev Martin is arranging

August Meeting Wed AUG 24 (DATE IS CHANGED FROM REGULAR SCHEDULE)   KATHRYN CASEY'S VISIT   Planning Committee headed up by Queen Allison, members are Beverly M., Laurie, Barbara and Marilyn  Bonnette

If you have any ideas regarding these author visits please contact myself or the committee Queen!

  Remember you can purchase other items through besides books!  You might consider ordering extras of Kathryn's and M L's books for gifts, in fact, when I asked they prefer that you purchase books in advance so they don't have to deal with sales.

We met our goal - Amazon commissions are $101.63!!!  Erin bring your raffle ticket to the meeting and I'll give you a check.