Friday, January 20, 2012

The Greatest Book Show on Earth - Girlfriend Weekend 2012

Well Kathy Patrick did it again.  The greatest circus of authors and readers in the small town of Jefferson, TX.  Over 50 authors were in the ring with Lion Tamer Queen Kathy  She had us all jumping through hoops from Clown Alley where the authors clowned around while serving a fabulous BBQ dinner from the local establishment, Riverport BBQ, which tragically burned to the ground the following evening.  (No one was injured and they will rebuild.)  We were awakened by sirens in the middle of night as the fire was only two blocks from  The Excelsior Hotel where we were staying. This historic hotel has been operating continuously since 1850 and has house President Grant and Lady Bird Johnson.   This year they had a fabulous breakfast for us each morning before we entered the circus tent.

Entering the Circus Tent (Jefferson Tourist Center) was like old home week as we laughed and shared with our favorite authors Shellie Tomlinson, River Jordan, Kathryn Casey, Mary Lee Malcolm, Nicole Seitz, Robert LeLeux, Judy Christie  Deeanne Gist Marcia Fine and met many new ones who will joining the list like Jenny Wingfield, Michael Morris, Wade Rouse, Man Martin, Bill Torgerson, Robert Hicks, Tina Sloan.  As well as PQ's from other areas Tijuana Neal, Marsha Toy Engstrom, Lisa Hodgson, Jonni Webb, Pam Carter, Karen Pellerin, Mary Yetta Alexander, the Conway PQ's....

Our first night - at the Author Dinner

Wow...a little bit of over load and so hard to recall without pictures...and lots of pictures there are floating all over FB!  Here are a few of our favorites..  

We bring our Alligator Mascot with us

Deeanne Gist shows us how a proper Victorian lady dresses from the bottom
to the top....Wonderful!

Dinner with new and old author friends Bill Torgerson, Nicole Seitz, Shellie Tomlinson and Robert Hicks

Beautiful authors Meg Clayton, Judy Christie Lisa Wingate and 

  Aren't we a circus to die for!  LOL

Pink Prom Night with Kathryn Casey

Dinner with Mary Lee Malcolm and friends

One thing we did hear, please post book reviews, just a simple I liked/disliked this book, helps the authors tremendously.

One of the many wonderful panels of authors: Nichole Seitz, Michael Morris, River Jordan, Robert LeLeux and Kathy Patrick

Bev Martin, Kay Huck, Kathy Patrick and Shellie Tomlinson

Am posting pictures of your queens dressed to the our Pink Prom Attire and Circus Best.  Queens Beverly Martin, Rose Gray, Beverly Hill and Candy Case, joined me in this  fun filled gathering.
Wouldn't you love to go to Pink Prom Night with these gals?

Another fabulous panel with Kathryn Casey, Marilyn Gilhuly, Jan Reid, Reavis Wortham, Robert LeLeux and Kathy Patrick

Get ready for next year Jan 17-20, 2013 when the theme will be The Gilded Age..Looking forward to some outstanding books and good hearted fun.