Monday, October 19, 2009

Louisina Book Festival and Queen Peggy's ebook

Queen Beverly and I, along with our husbands, attended the Louisiana Book Festival in Baton Rouge this weekend and also went to Queen Allison's wedding!  What a perfectly gorgeous weekend for a Fairy Tale Wedding...know she will have some beautiful pictures to share when she returns from their honeymoon to Niagra Falls.  Absolutely beautiful bride....and Chris looked pretty good too :) 
The Pulpwood Queen, Kathy Patrick, was a presentor at the Book Festival and she gave a wonderful presentation on how Pulpwood Queens came into being and the heart of her passion for literacy, and a big hair make I know how..wonder if that hair piece comes in gray?  that's scary
She blogged about it and you can read and see pictures here:
If you missed Queen Peggy's post on our Facebook group site   I am sending it with this email.  She has just published an ebook
Wanted to share a bit of news with all my new PQ friends! I have a mini novella e-book that was just released this last Wednesday! See y'all soon.

BY: Peggy A. Borel
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
www.thewildrosepress  )
Release Date: October 14,2009

A small cowbell tinkles above the dining room door of the financially struggling Bluebonnet Café.
The sound of a lone pair of cowboy boots rings out against the wooden floor.
Confusion, anger, and attraction twist together within Avery Livingston, as she comes face to face with Will Steele.

A year ago, without a word, this man left Wayback, leaving her love for him to wither away in a trail of dust. Now he's returned to seek her forgiveness, but doubt holds her back. Can he be trusted? Or will he ride away again, disappearing with the rodeo crowd at the end of the season? Can a cowboy auction at the Blue Bug Saloon save the café and rope this cowgirl's heart once more?

Justice --- When you get what you deserve
  Mercy ----- When you don't get what you deserve
 Grace ----- When you get what you don't deserve

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