Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hillene has a publishing date!

This is awesome!  I am so proud and happy for you!!!
I'll be passing this on to our members and posting on FB


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Her blog address is down at the bottom. A little snippet of my essay is on it today. Look at the cover. It's beautiful. Hillene


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Attached find:  a jpeg of the front book cover. You might want it for some promotional purposes. I've also included a double spread of front and back cover—this is more for your own eyes because you probably can't include the front/back in any kind of promotion.  Also, attached find a brief press release—actually, more a books store release. 


Here are some dates for readings/signings.  Thursday, December 3rd,   5-7 p.m.—reading in Dothan, Alabama at Barnes & Noble; Friday, December 11, from 5-7 p.m. reading at Page & Palette Book Store in Fairhope, Alabama , Saturday, December 12, reading at Barnes & Noble in Mobile at 2 p.m.  Kathleen Thompson has a book signing on for early December at Little Professor Book Store in Birmingham.  Kathleen and Liz McCormick will handle that one.  Little Professor is a small store.  We want as many as possible to participate in Dothan, Fairhope, and Mobile, however.  I know many of you are planning on being present at the Mobile reading—that's great!


I'll be the guest at a Mobile book club on Monday, December 16. That book club adopted the 2008 Christmas book as their November 2009 read. It's a good-sized book club too!   A Sunday school class at Springhill Presbyterian Church asked me to speak on  Sunday, December 20.  They're interested in all the different perspectives on the Christmas season as evidenced in the Christmas books.  I think there I'll talk more about personal essays, but I'll also incorporate several short stories.  I spoke to a book club in southwest Louisiana on October 28 and had an opportunity to mention the Christmas books. So, opportunities abound everywhere! 


The books are rolling off the press as I write, but I won't have them in my hands for several more days.  Our printer is in Minnesota.  They are coming to you—priority mail-- as soon as I receive them.  More on other readings and other info. as I have it.  I've posted a couple of more excerpts on the blog today.       All my best to everyone!