Friday, November 20, 2009

PQ Book Club Fundraiser through

My book club is sponsoring a fundraiser for Abrazando  Christo mission in Nicaraugua.  One of our members and several members of her family, bring our donation every year and purchase books, supplies and Bibles for the orphanage.  We would appreciate your support.  Simply use our website, to click thru to  Just click on one of the book selections.  Then go anywhere on Amazon and make your purchase.  We will receive a small commission which will be used to fund literary projects for the mission.  Thank you! 

When you go to our blog site, you will find that we are now connected with on a click-thru.  Any purchases you make by using the click-thru, will bring commissions, 1-6% depending on volume, I have used our next two books as the initial click thru product, once you are at the amazon site you can make any other purchases and still receive credit.  This will be a great way to fund our Abrazando Christo mission projects.  I invite you to share this with your friends and family.  Just click anywhere on the graphic of the book.  Again our blog site is
PS  You can copy and paste the above paragraph and send to your friends and family, if you wish