Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creative Ideas

I hope I am back in town for awhile :)

Bev Martin and I were discussing over coffee this morning that we need to come up with our story for Girlfriends Weekend soon so we can begin thinking about costumes and table decorations and oh yes some kind of skit.

We looked at story books and thought of Mother Goose and different nursery rhymes; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Shakespeare;  mystery writers; Clovis Crawfish and friends;    Ya Ya Sisterhood;     We need ideas and costuming and decorations and skits...put your creative thinking caps on!!!

If you are interested in going next January, please let me know because we need to get together soon to begin our plans.  Those of us who went last year have already made our reservations at The Excelsior Hotel in Jefferson, TX  so if you are even thinking about going you need to make your reservations (you can always cancel later)

It was also soon be time to send in our advance $150 registration.  It's easier if you make your check to Kathy Patrick, and give them to me and I send them in together (I copy the checks and keep a record because Kathy gets overwhelmed with stuff).

Looking forward to seeing you soon!  

Remember our next meeting will be March 31 at Grace Broussard's in Sulphur.  Author Jenny Gardiner will be calling in hopefully using SKYPE


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