Thursday, April 8, 2010

March Meeting news

We had a great meeting for March. Thanks to Grace for hosting and to the food committee Rachelle Wilson, Linda Todd and Linda Breaux .

I especially appreciated the technical assistance of Rachel, Allison and Erin to get us hooked up and online for the SKYPE with our author of the month Jenny Gardiner.  She is passionate about doing more for e-publishing for emerging authors and will be sending us more info as it develops.  Also she did introduce her parrot Gracycie to us who even spoke a bit.  

Members voted on the books for the coming year.  Thank you Tracey for tabulating the results!  I couldn't have done it without you.  Those who emailed their choices had their votes counted also.   Choosing from Kathy Patrick's list of monthly selections and bonus book selections we came up with the following list.  Please note some date changes for our meetings.

April - Hostess Chris Baldouf,
Food  Erin, Kay, Phyllis Hughes    
Discussion:  Rachel Beck   
Book: The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman (the book we brought back from Girlfriends Weekend) .  She will be sending us bookplates designed by her daughter and will do a phone call-in  she doesn't SKYPE.  

Also for April we will have a "Spring Fling of Books"  bring your books to donate to the Women's Shelter, dressed up in a purse  or wrapped in a scarf.

Thus far we have earned $30.78 in commissions from to give to the Nicaraguan Mission.  Remember to use our blog site to click thru to Amazon.  We will then receive commissions on any purchases you make.

May -  Hostess:  Peggy Borel    Book:  Do Over by Robin Hemley    Will sign bookplates and SKYPE in from France where he will be teaching a writing workshop

June - Hostess:  Linda Sonnier   Book:  What Difference Do it Make by Ron Hall and Denver Moore  -  haven't been able to contact yet

July - Hostess:  Kay Huck   Flexible date and time because author Ad Hudler of Man of the House

will be traveling this way and will attend the meeting.  May do something joint with Lafayette group???

August:  Hostess:    ___________  Book   Heart of Lies by ML Malcolm   She will be flying in to attend our meeting and staying with me

Septemeber  Hostess: ___________    book:  Yazoo Blues by John Pritchard  haven't been able to contact yet

Oct :  Hostess ____________   book:  Sweet By and By by Todd Johnson   will SKYPE in and sign book plates

NOv   Hostess ______________   book:  The Lakota Way by Joseph marshall III  - haven't contacted yet

Dec    Christmas party and gift exchange