Friday, November 19, 2010

Joseph Marshall III - "We Have Seen His Courage"

Oh my did we learn a bunch about Native American culture, specifically the Lakota's through Joseph Marshall's book The Lakota Way.  And then when we visited him via SKYPE at our meeting we appreciated their culture even more.  Our discussion revolved around the necessity of maintaining the Lakota culture and language.  Marshall is working on a project to record audio books in his native Lakota language.  A massive undertaking but after reading his books, it will enrich our world community to preserve this heritage.

We encourage other book clubs or individuals to read his books.  He  even has one on Keep Going: The Art of Perserverance that is dedicated to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.  We'd love to have him come to our area for a visit.  Perhaps he will.  I know he will be glad to SKYPE with other clubs, just contact him through his website.  Joseph Marshall III  Many thanks for sharing of your life with us Joe, and We too have seen Your courage in dedicating your life to being a caretaker of the spiritual life of the Lakotas.