Monday, June 2, 2008

The Pirates Daughter - Discussion and Interview

Our May meeting to discuss The Pirates Daughter by Margaret Cezair-Thompson was lively and as spirited as Jamaican rum. With a group of women who are used to their own independence, they related to Ida's independence ---- sometimes with support and sometimes with disapproval of her choices. The questions about Ida's mothering really brought some fierce opinions expressed on the roles of mothers. It's amazing to have so many varied opinions! Some really liked the books and others couldn't stay awake to finish it. One thing for certain these book choices are stretching each of us!!

Connie, who had lived in Jamaica for few years, remembered the extreme differences in the classes. The Haves and Have-Nots, and extreme poverty that was heart-breaking. While the beauty of the island was more than Margaret could describe.

We were delighted to have the author, Margaret, call-in during our meeting. I think she has a fan club for life. She said it took her over 7 years to write the novel, plus a year of stacks of rejection letters, before publication. And no, she is not any one of the characters of the book; and no, no one in her family ever met Errol Flynn! Here's a link to her YouTube video interview

Just returning from a literary festival in Jamaica where she was one of the featured authors, Margaret said she felt very safe there now. In her book she wanted to portray how the changes in government from a British colony to independent rule influence the choices of individuals. The literary festival website is

She's excited that her previous book The Treasure of Paradise will be coming out in paperback in the next few months. We'll definitely be looking for it!

Also, Margaret agree to sign bookplates for us. I will be mailing them to her, to sign and return; and hand out at our next meeting. I hope you all like the design I did. If one of you has some graphic design experience and would like to try your hand, contact me.

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