Thursday, June 5, 2008

Very Important to Sign UP

This is the new emergency service especially for people who do not have landlines etc I hope you will take the time to sign up and forward to your friends and family in the area

The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury just made it a whole lot easier to alert the parish in the event of an emergency.
Residents may register their contact information at:

They launched a new emergency communication tool for the entire parish community called the "CalcaShout Emergency Alert System." CalcaShout is being called a "reverse 911" system, because it uses the existing emergency communication resources such as email and web- and phone-based alerts.

But, unfortunately, not everyone in the parish has a landline phone.
The system is powered by FirstCall systems. It allows residents in Calcasieu Parish to designate an alternate email address or telephone number where an email, voice or text message can be quickly sent in an emergency.
The emergency contact information stored in the system is not displayed in a public directory, or used for any other purposes.

If a resident cannot access the internet, or has trouble entering their information, they may call the Office of Emergency Preparedness at 337.721.3800.

Queen Kay