Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Press Release: SWLA Pulpwood Queens Book Club donations to Nicaraugan Missions

Press Release:

The Southwest Louisiana Pulpwood Queens Book Club contributed over $1000 to the Nicaraguan Mission headed by Father Danny Torres. Queen Hillene Deaton also made 19 cloth books for the younger children at the St. Christopher Orphanage in Managua, Nicaragua.

Queen Laurie Cormier will be bringing the funds and books on the mission trip where the Spanish Bibles and other reading materials will be purchased. Queen Allison White is pictured along with Queens Laurie and Hillene. (L to R Hillen Deaton, Laurie Cormier and Allison White)

The SWLA Pulpwood Queens are dedicated to promoting literacy as well as enjoying monthly book club selections of Kathy Patrick, founder of the Pulpwood Queens Book Clubs.

For More Info:

Kay Huck, Head Queen, SWLA Pulpwood Queens
337-625-7930 or 337-794-0769
155 Beauregard Ave
Sulphur, LA 70663