Thursday, July 3, 2008

June Meeting Summary


Fellow Queens our June Meeting was another fabulous feast of food, friendship and feuilleton

(I found this word through a thesaurus --- to look up the meaning click here )

Author Michel Lee West of Mermaids in the Basement called in and entertained us with her descriptions of life on her farm in east Tennessee. She described her 40 baby chicks that had to be kept in her garage and became miniature dinosaur T-rex's to her baby swimming pool kept in the basement for her ducklings so they wouldn't be swooped her at the pond by the hawks. Her familiarity with southern Louisiana added to the charm of the tale and to our delightful phone visit.

Queen Hillene and Queen Linda joined forces to make 19 cloth books for Queen Laurie to bring to Nicaragua. I'm not sure what the final total was for the contributions to purchasing Spanish Bibles, over $200 for sure.

Also Tommeka Simien from the Literacy Council spoke about various ongoing projects in the area that we might want to consider adopting such as, Reading Volunteers for schools and at the Children's Clinic or tutoring. We'll discuss it more at our next meeting in July.

Also we received signed bookplates from authors Michel West and Margaret Cezair-Thompson. Queen Beverly had helped me choose the graphic design for the labels that I printed and sent to them to sign. We have to be one of the largest book clubs ever with 23 members!!

And we have a new member Tracey Baham who teaches with Queen Courtney. AND she's also my neighbor, living right down the street from us on Beauregard. Welcome Tracey!

Did I miss anything? Oh yes our next meeting will be July 30th at Queen Barbara's in Lake Charles. The book will be The Unlikely Lavender Queen by Jeannie Ralston. I'll be posting the Reading Guide and also the Event Site in the next few days.

Happy Reading!
Queen Kay