Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girlfriends Weekend Decorations/Costumes Planning

We would like you input and suggestions on our plans to represent the SWLA Pulpwood Queens at Girlfriends Weekend next January.  This month's author Elizabeth Berg of Home Safe, will be a keynote speaker.  However, she no longer does call-ins so we won't have her to chat with this time.
After meeting and discussions we have come up with a couple of simple ideas
Fri night - Celebration of Barbie's 50th Anniversary - to dress in the "hot pink bikini" printed T shirts, carry our pink PQ Bags, gold shoes/flipflops and the pink Fight Breast Cancer baseball caps --- we will be Malibu Barbie and let our "inner diva" shine
For Sat night - Celebration of Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary - Somewhere Over the Rainbow  -We will  dress as witches with a purple spidery cab and black pants and crew neck long sleeve t-shirts  with possibly silver shoes since in the book the witch wore silver shoes - not ruby red.  Our color for the event is to be purple/amethyst.  Have a black cauldron, hopefully with dry ice , with figures of Wizard of Oz characters on sticks coming out of the cauldron.  Then somehow a rainbow arc that has "Brewing up a Rainbow of Books" for our table theme decor.  Purple tablecloth.
Any ideas you have would be most appreciated.
Last year several of the clubs brought personalized club bookmarks to handout to participants.  Any ideas or suggestions?
Just thought you  might like to know what we have been up to.
BTW  to those who are going :  Boo, Linda Breaux, Bev Martin, Bev Hill, and Laurie:   Linda B found the witches hats and bought them.(don't know price)  I have the spidery capes ($20 each plus tax)  and have ordered the bikini t shirts ($20 each plus tax and shipping).  We'll settle up later.
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