Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Do you know that you can be working in your country and still work with us
as a part time staff,you will also enjoy the benefit of free accomodation,
official delivery van and company allowance will be provided.
This is In respect of how hard working you are as this organisation board of
excutives of Pearls Automotive Electronic Limited in their last meeting has
decided to employ their staff round the world just to expand the company
operation and twelve members effort wiill be rewarded with sum of USD
$1,5.000.00 One Million Five Hundred thousand united state dollars only,
Pearls Automotive Electronic Limited serve the right from all country
government policy to export their product round the world without no country
As a staff in Pearls Automotive Electronic Limited this are your duty

1.Our product will be send to your door step by fedex courier delivery
service Which you are requireed to deliver it to our clint in your country
2.Payment can be made to you by our clint in your country which you will send
to our acount in Liberty Reserve (
3.You will also check for the best investment opportunity availabe for the
company to invest in your country.
Pearls Automotive Electronic Limited is reponsible for Insurance premium and
Clearance Certificate of any product sent to you.

To become a staff in Pearls Automotive Electronic Limited you are require
with the following
Full name:
Passport number:
Social Security Number(SSN):
Credit card Detail (For security reason):

1.CONTACT PERSON......Mr.Micheal David Donalson
2.DIRECTOR E-mail:
3.DIRECTOR-----Phone: +44 (0)702-408-7503

Pearles Automotive Electronic Limited except the security keeping fee and
fedex delivery service of 150.00 pounds for processing your application and
to send a copy of your employment letter and other documents regarding the
product you will be having your possesion will be send to our other brance
round the world for notification.Make sure your information provided is
correct for the company will have to trace any product lost or scammed
through the information of the staff.

Best Regards,
Good Luck

Adams Kelly