Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ad Hudler's All This Belongs To Me

Our book club, Southwest Louisiana Pulpwood Queens, read Ad Hudler's Man of the House and were even blessed with a wonderful visit by the author.  So naturally I wanted to read more of his books.

I began with All This Belongs to Me because I found it in large print (LOL - okay I'm over 29)

I thought it was going to be a read about some star-crossed lovers, instead I found a self-discovery about people owning up to who they really are inside and being true to that self.

Geena could not longer stay with her husband in Colorado and continue to live a suppressed life, especially after her son dies.  She simply drives away leaving no forwarding address.  Through circumstances she ends up in Fort Myers, Florida befriending a 80 year old gentlemanly man, Ellis who a docent at the Thomas Edison estate.

Together they bring out each others strengths and become comfortable with who they are and heal each other's life wounds.