Friday, August 6, 2010

M L's Visit

Wonderfull Queens......How do we follow such a fabulous meeting with Ad Hudler?

How about a Fabulous Hat Contest!!  Queen Tracey has agreed to chair this project so find your best bonnet or decorate/design your own (I have a plain black straw hat that I am going to "design")  The hat contest is because M L wears hats everywhere, it's her signature.  So we thought a Hat Contest would be fun and she could be the judge.  

Ad sure appreciated all the books we had to sign so we will do the same thing with M L  

Queen Erin, thanks for your perseverance in working with the library to initiate this relationship.  Marilyn is very easy to work with.  

We still have napkins and cups from the last meeting.

Queen Allison is personalizing our bookmarks for M L -  (whenever you have them printed I'll cut!)  Also, she has punch frozen and I believe Queen Rachel does also  I don't think we need to bring as many cookies...what about a dozen or so from everyone???

Queen Beverly M has agreed to be the discussion leader this time and she's going to check with Chastain's for a possible place to eat afterwards.  Check with Beverly if you have some other ideas.

And the book is great!!  I hope you all enjoy it  I know I sure do

Queen Kay

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