Saturday, August 21, 2010

SHATTERED by Kathryn Casey

SHATTERED is a great title for this true crime book which shatters the glass facade that deceives.   David Temple mastered it, on the outside their family was as All-American as his football stardom, inside was the smoldering agression and brutality that had been ignored by Temple's family his entire life.  It took the murder of his wife and unborn daughter to clear the eyes of the many people who knew David Temple and just excused his behavior for a one time episode.  Smart and methodical he was careful around others, except his fellow coach.  With him he would let his guard down just enough for the pattern of his constant belittling of his wife and bullying of his students would begin to crack the glass.
Although Belinda Lucas, the wife that David Temple was convicted of murdering is painted as The Sunshine Girl.  You wonder why a smart, vivacious young woman, spunky in other areas always gave in to her husband and became a different person around him.  What is it about domestic abuse that causes a spouse to accept it as a way of life?

Kathryn Casey never disappoints.  I also appreciate that on her website she keeps up with the convictions, dates of parole etc.  so you can see the current disposition of any of her true crime books.

I might add, try her non-fiction series about Texas  Ranger Sarah Armstrong.  It's just as well-written!