Monday, September 22, 2008

PQ Philosophy

My friends,
Some of you may not follow Kathy Patrick's blog so I wanted to share her philosophy about the purpose of Pulpwood Queens. 
It's humbling to realize how many people all over this great nation of ours stretch out a helping hand and I do mean stretch.  How many of us have a budget that has very little "extra" yet we give to those without because we are blessed with so much.  We have roofs over our heads, running water, a comfortable bed, more clothes than we will ever wear, choices in what food we will eat.  What abundance we have!!!
Thank you for all that you do to help others!  You are a wonderful group of Queens!! 
I can't wait to see you Wed night!
Love, Kay
"The Pulpwood Queens are so much more than just a book club that reads. Books have spurned us be proactive for a higher purpose. We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk, whether the American Cancer Relay for Life or volunteering to help in cases of need.

...several years ago, I started Books Alive!, a Christian and Inspirational Book, Author, and Music Festival to help my church, The First United Methodist Church of Jefferson as a total fundraiser to help them replete funds from helping the displaced families of Hurricane Katrina and Rita. That event will occur again the second weekend in November...",Tiara wearing and Book sharing,
Kathy L. Patrick
Founder of the Pulpwood Queens

NOVEMBER 7, 8 & 9,