Monday, September 8, 2008

RE: Girlfriends Weekend & Gustav



Your publicist just emailed me that she is calling about our Pulpwood Queen convention, which we call our Girlfriend Weekend Author Extravaganza!  I am so hoping this is a confirm as this is going to be the biggest year ever!  With now more than 200 chapters starting and running, they are all clamoring to sign up for the Early Bird Special.  For Pulpwood Queen members, the price for the V.I.P Pulpwood Queen Package to all events, to days of author panels, two nights of entertainment including our Grand Finale our GREAT BIG BALL OF HAIR, it’s now $200.  Non-members it’s always $100 higher and the price goes up $50 each month until $350 at the door, $450 for non-members, so sign up now.

Authors are comp’d the V.I.P. Package and books will be provided by the independent bookstore vendor, Barron’s Books of Longview, Texas.  We also have more vendors coming and I select only the best ones so be prepared to shop for books and bling!  Sky’s the limit for this annual festival and you’ll never have so much fun in your life.

Friday night we are debuting the HOT PINK COLLAR TOUR which is me and three of my author friends doing our female southern version of Jeff Foxworthy’s Blue Collar Tour.  Our hope is that we will not only open for Jeff’s show but let the world know that southern girls rule and guess what we read too!

I have somewhere around 50 authors, speakers, celebrities, and musicians who will be featured at this weekend so know that this will be the best time and best money you have ever spent!

Hope to see this amazing NEW chapter featured at the event and HINT HINT!  You all are getting a special prize!  Photo ops for my website and newsletter so be there or be out of the picture!


Now Delaune’, my sister had one of those trees fall during Hurricane Rita so I totally understand the devastation!  My thanks is that everyone is safe and well, things are just things and though devastating as far as repairing financially, life is about relationships.  Prayers to you and yours and I have a whole new perception of life since the hurricanes, I am investing in my family and friends as I sure can’t take my books or things with me. I am just hoping that heaven is just one great big library filled with all my lost cats, family, and friends.  Oh, and being able to eat anything I want without the fear of weight gain, ha ha ha!


Onward and upward Pulpwood Queens, there is power in the good book, great books, and our friendships.  I just know that the more of us there are, the more we can rock this world into being a better place by creating a world of readers!


Your fearless, though on a serious weight reduction and exercise program leader,


P.S. Check out my blog today, www.pulpwoodqueen and tomorrow a great one on author, Charles Martin!  Talk to you soon, DeLaune;




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That was so kind of you to send out that note. My Aunt had a huge live oak fall on her house. The tree company came at 8:00AM with a crew of eight.  They finished removing the tree around 5:00PM.  The foreman said that he had never worked with a tree like that.  He estimated that it weighted 30 tons and that 60,000 pounds of pressure had been on her roof since the tree fell.  He said that if the house had not been built as solidly as it was, the pressure of the tree would have crushed it. So we are VERY grateful that she wasn’t hurt. That was terrifying. I am saying more prayers that Ike goes away or dies down or something. Thank you again, Kay, that was so dear of you. Sending love to all