Monday, September 8, 2008

Re: Girlfriends Weekend & Gustav

That was so kind of you to send out that note. My Aunt had a huge live oak fall on her house. The tree company came at 8:00AM with a crew of eight.  They finished removing the tree around 5:00PM.  The foreman said that he had never worked with a tree like that.  He estimated that it weighted 30 tons and that 60,000 pounds of pressure had been on her roof since the tree fell.  He said that if the house had not been built as solidly as it was, the pressure of the tree would have crushed it. So we are VERY grateful that she wasn’t hurt. That was terrifying. I am saying more prayers that Ike goes away or dies down or something. Thank you again, Kay, that was so dear of you. Sending love to all