Sunday, August 31, 2008

Re: Girlfriends Weekend & Gustav

Hey y’all
I just wanted y’all to know that I am saying prayers that y’all and your families are okay through the hurricane. I know you aren’t in NO, but I know it will be rough all over.
Sending love


Friday, August 29, 2008

Ron Hall and Denver Moore Speaking near us!

Hello Ladies,

We had such a great time reading this book and listening to the two men enlighten us.  We decided that we would like to try and hear Denver's slow drawl and Ron's witty humor in person (and of course, I did offer the Southwest Louisiana Pulpwood Queens to be their dates the night we go…).  Please respond if you would like to attend their speaking engagement and which one.  Once I know who, when, and where, we can start looking at Hotels and other things we could do during the trip.  You can see the entire schedule and many other great items at their website: (including reading our own Barbara's comment!).

Here are the opportunities we have (note - only one of them is on a Saturday night):

Now until early November
When:  Saturday, September 27, at 7:30pm
Where:  Second Baptist Church, Woodway campus, 6400 Woodway, Houston, TX
Event: World Mission Offering
Cost:   no cost to attend *** special book signing will take place after the event***

When:  Monday, November 3, at 7:00 PM
Where: Baton Rouge River Center Theater for the Performing Arts
Event:  To support United Methodist HOPE Ministries, Baton Rouge, LA (
Cost:   Tickets are $25.00 in advance; $35 at the door.  Tickets go on sale September 15.  (asking about group rate)

Past early November:
When:  Thursday, November 20, Lunch Time (Luncheon so far)
Where:  Not available at this time
Event:  Open Door Mission, Houston, TX Fundraising Luncheon
Cost:  Not available at this time  

When:  Thursday, January 29, Time unavailable
Where:  Westin Galleria Hotel, Houston, TX
Event: To support "Star of Hope", For Houston's Homeless Since 1907
Cost:   Not available at this time  

Please stay safe during the weather activities approaching!!
Princess Allison P White  (hail Queen Kay!)
Work Phone 337-558-3203
Cell 337-661-4900

Girlfriends Weekend & Gustav

For those who have signed up thus far, Queens Beverly, Laurie, Boo and myself...guess we'll have to work on a costume.  Check this photoe out for last year's winner of the costume contest.
For those who intend to attend.  The deadline for $150 if August 31, if you can't get your check in you can call kathy on her cell at 903-445-2353 or shop 903-665-7520 to purchase by credit card.
We are praying that Gustav doesn't come visit us.
Our family will be leaving for Houston/katy for the weekend and see from there whether we will visit Gene's family north of Dallas or mine in North Arkansas.  
Queens please try to keep us inform of your whereabouts and that you are okay. You can go to our Blog Site and hit comment at the bottom of this post.  Your notes will then be posted to the blog
Much Love
Queen Kay


Monday, August 25, 2008

Effect of Same Kind of Different As Me

When I read Kathy Patrick's blog on how this book Same Kind of Different as Me, touched her life.  I knew I had to forward it to you and post it on our blog.  From your comments, it sounds like this book has touched you also.  I'm looking forward to sharing with you and also with the authors when they call-in on Wed.
Friday, August 22, 2008

The Pulpwood Queen Has a NEW Mission!

Writing my first book was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. First, because it was my story of my life in books, that made it highly personal, and second, because I had to do it while working full time and being a wife and mother.

What to tell, what not to tell. I battled for six years, internally, always with the thought in mind that everything I said would have consequences. This was to be my new baby. And when my baby was born I knew that my life would never be the same as it had when I had my first two children. What I went through pushed me to the limits on what I thought I could bear, but the pain and suffering I went through the birth process of my book made me forget everything when I received my first printed copy.

What joy! My story was to be told and to me it was beautiful.  When the book was published I turned my book over to God. God is love and he would guide me through my publishing angst days ahead. What I did not know is that God had a bigger plan for me than declaring my life not only a reading life, but a writing life. One that has left me with this feeling of wonder and anticipation, much as the delight of sitting down with a new book that I have waited with bated breath to read. Oh, the joy of opening a new book to the first page. Yes, besides reading and writing AND promoting literacy, a new page has opened for me in life and one that involves a new mission. They call it Newgate.

Books have taken me many wondrous places. But one book in particular took me to a fundraiser for Newgate Mission, a mission whose sole purpose is to help people get back on their feet with a Christian foundation. Someone gave me the book "Same Kind of Different as Me" by Ron Hall and Denver Moore when I was on book tour. "You have to read this book, Kathy!" How many times had I heard this before but I always listen as the best books I have ever read have been presented to me by that word of mouth.

I missed church over this book. I began to read it after work on Saturday and woke Sunday early to finish the book. It was soon time for church but I was lost in the story. So lost, tears streamed down my face as I finished the last page. I had to write the author immediately and I did, via email. Ron Hall called me personally right back and we began a conversation.I felt really bad missing church. I explained to my minister, Allison and gave her the book to read. She grabbed my arm after reading the book and told me she would have missed church too.

The book is just that good. What I did not know would happen would be that soon I would travel with my daughters in tow to Longview, Texas to hear Ron Hall and Denver Moore speak about their book as a fundraiser for Newgate Mission. I believe over 2,000 people flooded into the doors of T.J. Field to hear the authors speak. It was standing room only and at the last minute the organizers added a front row and led us standing in the back to sit right in front of the podium. I met there some of my other Pulpwood Queen Book Club members who had brought their families.To read a book is one thing, but to have an author or authors speak of their book is another. This brings their story entirely into focus. I have never been so moved. You just have to read the book.

Afterwards, I spoke to Ron and Denver and leaving I noticed volunteers standing to each side behind tables of displayed information brochures on Newgate. I have to admit I had never heard of the mission before that evening. I paused as a young woman asked me if I would be interested in volunteering to help at the mission. Funny, I stopped and asked what kind of help did they need? That conversation has now led me to leading a life writing class at Newgate Mission.

I go once a month to the mission and I can tell you my life will never, ever be the same.Yesterday was just the third time I have gone to Newgate. As I write, I sit in disbelief at what happened at yesterday's visit. I had both my daughters, age 14 and 18 in tow. I firmly believe that you want to teach your children what is important in life, you show them. Actions do speak louder than words.

We arrived to find a wooden cross propped against the outside door that was covered with hand written messages and stuffed animals. We entered and anxiously could not wait to introduce the girls to the incredible men and women who come to the mission for my class. My youngest had come with me the last time and she had begged me to bring her again. She too had experienced the same joy I had from getting to know these people. That time 19 men and one woman had showed up for the class. We even took photos at the end that were posted last month on my blogsite,

This time only five were in attendance but the stories began to unfold. A man after the class stopped me to show what he had written. He had begun his life story and then he told me why he had to tell his story. What he told me will be the story that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I can still see his eyes; the pain, the want and the need to have someone hear his story. He told me that from the first time he heard me speak, he knew that I was someone he could trust. I have never been given such a better gift.

What I did not understand as I volunteered to come to the mission once a month to lead this class would be what I would receive. I thought of this venture as one where I would be giving the giving. As the girls and I left I was filled with such a sense of what a gift this class was going to be for my life that I was blind sighted by what I learned next. Remember, the cross by the door as we entered the mission? I asked the minister in charge, Kent, what the cross was all about as we exited the building. He told me that a woman had been shot and murdered there the night before. She had been sleeping on a bench by the back door. Can you imagine?

My daughters and I stared in shock. Who knew such a world existed. We know now.As I write this column my oldest daughter, called out to me that Newgate Mission was on the news about the murder. Our eyes have been opened wide. I always knew that reading could take me places I never dreamed but to learn that reading could also lead me to a higher purpose? Yes, it can, it can indeed. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone would read voraciously. What roads reading may take us, what journeys, what joys!

May reading lead all of you to a higher purpose too. I assure you my life has been blessed from being a reader. Now let my actions speak louder than those words.

Tiara wearing and Book sharing,Kathy L. Patrick
Founder of the Pulpwood Queens Book Clubs and author of "The Pulpwood Queens' Tiara Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life"

Car Pool from Sulphur

Those who want to car pool Wed evening to Queen Hillene's, We will meet at the Maplewood Rec Center at 5:45. We need to leave by 5:55.  We may need 2 drivers for this one!
Can't wait to see you!!
Justice --- When you get what you deserve
  Mercy ----- When you don't get what you deserve
 Grace ----- When you get what you don't deserve

Join me

Willie Nelson Fans

For you Queens who are fans of Willie Nelson you might be interested in Kathy Patrick's next guest author, Joe Nick Patoski.  Patoski will be at Beauty and the Book the second Tuesday in September for his latest book, "WILLIE NELSON: An Epic Life".  Signed copies will be available if you notify Kathy in advance.  The books are $27.99 plus shipping.
Justice --- When you get what you deserve
  Mercy ----- When you don't get what you deserve
 Grace ----- When you get what you don't deserve

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Friday, August 22, 2008

A Year's Worth of Books

Queens are you interested in a free book sweepstakes?
I thought you would be interested in entering the Book Chatter sweepstakes for a chance to win a year's worth of books for you and your book club! Find out more here:

Justice --- When you get what you deserve
  Mercy ----- When you don't get what you deserve
 Grace ----- When you get what you don't deserve

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Message from Jeannie Ralston

How are you Kay:

Thanks for the nice note you wrote. It was really my pleasure to talk to all of you. So interesting to hear what everyone thought. I love that you talked later about why we leave and why we stay. That sounds like a title of a book! Maybe it is!

You should have gotten an e-mail from me earlier today about a chance to get a 15 percent off discount on Hill Country Lavender products when you buy a book from now till Sept. 30th. I'm hoping you might get that to your book club and also other Pulpwood Queen bookclubs who are considering reading my book (I hope some are--I'd love to do more call-ins).

I haven't hear back from Kathy about the convention in January, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that she'll invite me to speak. It would be such an honor.

Also, I wanted to tell you in advance about something exciting I'm going to be starting next week. I'll be sending out an official announcement but I thought I'd tell you before then, in case you were going to do a mail out.

In addition to giving back to people who buy the book, I've figured out a way to give to others too.

In June, I did a book signing/benefit down in San Miguel for a lavender co-op that was started to help a poor pueblo here whose men are mostly gone to the States to become self-sufficient. I'm an unofficial adviser and I was able to donate one-third of the retail price of the books to the co-op (out of 48 sold) and they got a lot of great exposure to the bigger community gringo community here. It was truly my favorite book event,  because the event was about more than just me (that might sound strange--maybe even suspect--coming from a memoirist!),

So in that spirit, I've decided to find other ways to make donations and here's what I came up with. My website is connected to Amazon via their Amazon Affiliate program. This means that any time someone clicks "Buy the Book" on my website it takes them to my Amazon page. When they actually purchase the book from Amazon, I get between 4% and 8% of the Amazon price put into an account for me (the more sales volume over the month the higher the percentage). That's basically found money for me,  so why not give it to someone besides me.

This is what I plan to do. Every month I will choose a different organization to give the Amazon Affiliate proceeds to. The first month (Sept) the money will go to St. Anthony's Alliance,  the U.S. organization that started and helps the lavender project down here. One theme of my book is embracing change, but through this donation program (I'm calling it the Seed Project) my readers and I can help MAKE change. This lavender co-op is creating a way for women in a Mexican village to support their families via lavender so their husbands and sons don't have to leave to work in the United States.

I'm getting my website revised right now to accommodate this new program, which will probably be ready middle of next week. I'm really excited. But just so you know if anyone buys through my website even before it's officially posted on my site, the money will still be going to this program.

Other organizations I plan to donate to include a Texas Department of Agriculture urban school program and the Garden Clubs of America scholarship program. I'll also want to give to Breast Cancer research and other women's groups down the road. Do the Pulpwood Queens have a favorite charity?

OK, hope you're doing well. Thanks for your time reading over this LONG email and for your support and encouragement.

All best--Jeannie

Jeannie Ralston
220 N. Zapata Hwy #11
Laredo, Texas 78043
512-423-3030 (U.S. number)
52-415-152-5169 (within Mexico)
Learn more about The Unlikely Lavender Queen: A Memoir of Unexpected Blossoming at 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Pulpwood Queen's Book Club: The Pulpwood Queen featured on NEW Texas Magazine website!

The Pulpwood Queen's Book Club: The Pulpwood Queen featured on NEW Texas Magazine website!

Queens who are fans of Willie Nelson may want to hurry and reserve a copy of Joe Nick Patoski's book WILLIE NELSON: AN EPIC LIFE

Just click on the link to go to Kathy's website

Friday, August 8, 2008

Discussion Guide for Same Kind of Different As Me

Here is the Discussion Guide for the Same Kind of Different As Me. We have an author call-in scheduled with Ron Hall and hopefully Denver Moore.

The Event Site (click on Event Site to go there) also has the Discussion Guide if you wish to comment online.

Denver lived for decades as a virtual slave in Louisiana and a homeless drifter in Texas, until he met Deborah. But her art dealer husband, Ron, is more comfortable around millionaires than the destitute. So when Deborah is diagnosed with cancer, will Ron embrace her dream of rescuing Denver? Or will Denver save Ron?

Discussion Questions for Same Kind of Different As Me

  1. What are some modern examples of prejudice? Other than racial prejudice, what other kinds of prejudice are common today?
  2. What are three things you can do to combat your personal prejudices?
  3. What does being prejudice say about your personal self-esteem?

  1. What is your initial reaction to encountering a homeless person or someone who is in serious financial or personal need?
  2. If you were in that situation, how would you want others to respond to you?
  3. Other than give money to social service agencies, what are three things you can do to provide ministry to the homeless people in your community?

Sickness and Suffering

  1. Bad things happen to good people. What might God be trying to reveal about Himself through these types of situations?
  2. Recognizing our mortality puts life in perspective. What are three things for which you want to be remembered? What are you doing to accomplish these goals today?

  1. Is it harder to give or to receive forgiveness? Why?
  2. Why is it so hard for us to grant unconditional forgiveness? How can your faith help you become a more forgiving person?
  3. What is the role of forgiveness in your personal life? In your spiritual life?


  1. In chapter 44, Denver said, "Our limitation is God's opportunity." How has this statement been authenticated in your life?
  2. Throughout the book, Denver's initial response to life's challenges often was rooted in his simple faith in God. Why is it so hard for society's successful people to have this kind of faith? What keeps you from having this kind of faith?
  3. With Deborah in critical condition, the object of ministry (Denver) became the source of ministry. Denver had been through a lot and was equipped to provide for Ron's needs. Through what experiences has God worked to equip you for ministry? How has God used you to meet the needs of others?
  4. Deborah extended the reach of her ministry by investing in the lives of others. How are you investing in the lives of others?
  5. The memorial service for Deborah was a celebration. How can such a somber occasion be celebratory? What does this say about the faith of the one who passed away?

Kay is inviting you to a Windows Live Event

Kay has invited you to "Pulpwood Queens August Meeting."
Check it out now
Message from Kay:
Hello Pulpwood Queens,

I'm sending the info on the Event Site early so you can review the discussion questions as you read the book. I am eager to start it myself. We also will have an author call-in so as you read you can think of questions you might want to ask Ron and Denver.

Welcome to our new member Queen Renee!

Happy REading
Queen Kay

When: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 6:30 PM
Where: Queen Hillene's in Moss Bluff