Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Meeting

April Meeting we will be chatting with author Neil White about his book In the Sanctuary of Outcasts.  Were you familiar with this part of Louisiana history before his book?  I know I wasn't.

weclome to PQ's

Hi Rose,

A royal welcome to our newest member Rose Gray! 

Our meetings are generally the last Wed of the month at 5:30 at Stellar Beans in downtown Lake Charles.  Val will send an email about a week prior to the meeting for you to respond with your meal order if you will be attending.

Our activity fee is $10 per active member.

Our book selections for the upcoming months are:

April 27 -  In the Sanctuary of outcasts by neil White

May 23 - The Rhinestone Sisterhood by  david Valdes Greenwood

june 29 - Georgia Bottoms by Mark Childress

July 27 - Heart of Deception by M L Malcolm

Aug 24 The Killing Storm by Kathryn Casey

We enjoy our  reading, discussing and having fun together, especially Girlfriend Weekend.  I understand you will be joining us for that adventure aslo!  Great, need to put on your creative hat for Circus ideas !!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Malcolm confirmed for July 27

Hey Queens,

Just got a confirmation from M.L. Malcolm, M L's Website , that she will visit for our July 27th Meeting!!  Can't wait!
We've got a great summer of reading ahead of us.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kathryn Casey update - date confirmed 8/24

Kathryn Casey's Website

Talked with Kathryn Casey today and she can come  Aug 24.  She wants to do something at the library and then meet with us in the evening.  or pack as many things /signings as possible in an overnight trip.

This means we will meet a week earlier than our regular meeting.

Haven't heard back from ML yet

March Meeting Notes

Just putting down a few things from our last meeting

1.  Cathie Beck's wine was wonderful and yes I did give Gene that last little sip to empty the bottle (saved the label for our scrapbook too) Cathie Beck's Website

2.  I have invited both M L Malcolm and Kathryn Casey to visit in July/August as determined by their calendars and haven't gotten dates yet.  ML definitely wants to come however she is moving from California to Washington DC in mid-June.  Kathryn is looking at her calendar also.M L Malcolm's website      Kathryn Casey's website

3.  I have tried to contact by email the Literacy Council about volunteering to help with Boogie for Books on Sat May 21 from 3 pm to 10 pm.  No response yet.  ALLISON, COULD YOU TALK WITH TOMMEKA PLEASE?

Literacy Council

4.  APRIL 27 - Neil White author of In the Sanctuary of Outcasts will SKYPE  Neil White's Website

5.  May 25  - David Valdes Greenwood , author of The Rhinestone Sisterhood, will SKYPE,  Also may have some Festival Queens as guests.David Greenwood's Website

6  June  29 Mark Childress, author of Georgia Bottoms, our June selection will be out of the country and unable to SKYPE or call-in.  Will answer any written questions by email in advance though and sign bookplates.  Mark Childress's Website

7.  July/Aug meeting dates may change depending on calendars of Kathryn Casey and M L Malcolm

8.  April 11  Val will be hosting the mountain music of Scenic Roots from 11:30 to 1 pm ,  I plan on going to hear them, how about you?  Stellar Beans Home Page

9.  Our Amazon.com purchases commissions is at $91 , maybe we'll make $100 for this year! Remember you can order other things besides books by clicking on our Amazon banner on our website

Anything I've forgotten?  Let me know!

Happy Reading!