Monday, August 30, 2010


Queen Allison just sent me the link to this great program In2Books
 to encourage reading for elementary students.  It's easy to sign up and read books with a student through the year.  It encourages the student to read, write and discuss (critical thinking skills) with someone on a one-on-one basis.  Research has shown this to be a very effective program.

Some of our members who have had to go inactive for awhile might find this a great volunteer opportunity to promote literacy.  It's online and you commit to reading 6 books and writing 6 letters per school year.  Needless to say due to children being involved there will be a background check and monitoring of all communications which are done through their website.  Below is the info from their website.  Sign Me UP!

In2Books is a research-based eMentoring program that pairs adult pen pals with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students in under resourced classrooms across the country. Students engage in authentic learning experiences with their pen pals; teachers get access to rich resources to teach literacy across the curriculum!

Over the course of the school year, students and pen pals read five diverse and thought-provoking books in different genres (fiction, social studies, biography, traditional tales, and science). By writing letters back and forth, students improve their reading and writing skills and develop their love for books

Friday, August 27, 2010

M L Malcolm's Visit

When M L Malcolm agreed to visit southwest Louisiana, we were excited and wanted to share with the public and many thanks go to the Calcasieu Parish Public Library for helping us to host this public book club meeting.

As M L began to speak to our full house, I knew I was going to learn so much more about that time period in history when Jews fled Hungary in anticipation of Hitler's purging.  She spoke from the heart about members of her husband's family who had been part of this flight.  She talked of forged visas and transit papers that allowed them to travel the trans-siberia railway to arrive in Shanghai and begin a new life and a new identity.  Shanghai at this period of time allowed free entry and many arrived.  There they found a very different life in the international community of Shanghai, a place set apart from the rest of China.

Her book, Heart of Lies, is historically accurate and contains many episodes based on real life events such as the counterfeiting scheme that Leo Hoffman, the main character of the book, unwittingly aids.  While abetting this scheme Leo meets the love of his life Martha and determines to bring her to Shanghai.  In Shanghai they live a royal life of ease until the stock market crash and Leo loses his fortune.  Then Leo makes a determined choice not tell his wife Martha of the loss and enters into a shady relationship with the crime boss.  Leo's life is one of ups and downs, quick choices that he is pressured to make due to war time events.

Definitely a great read and I am looking forward to the sequel to come out Spring of 2011.

As part of the event, we had a Fabulous Hat Contest and I won!  Thanks for the beautiful fleur de lis bookends to keep my Pulpwood Queens books in order.

We look forward to seeing ML at the  Pulpwood Queens Girlfriends Weekend in Jan 2011!

Following the meeting we adjourned to Chastain's where a good time was had by all as you can see from this great big beautiful smile of ML, Linda and Beverly.

Thanks ML!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ad Hudler's All This Belongs To Me

Our book club, Southwest Louisiana Pulpwood Queens, read Ad Hudler's Man of the House and were even blessed with a wonderful visit by the author.  So naturally I wanted to read more of his books.

I began with All This Belongs to Me because I found it in large print (LOL - okay I'm over 29)

I thought it was going to be a read about some star-crossed lovers, instead I found a self-discovery about people owning up to who they really are inside and being true to that self.

Geena could not longer stay with her husband in Colorado and continue to live a suppressed life, especially after her son dies.  She simply drives away leaving no forwarding address.  Through circumstances she ends up in Fort Myers, Florida befriending a 80 year old gentlemanly man, Ellis who a docent at the Thomas Edison estate.

Together they bring out each others strengths and become comfortable with who they are and heal each other's life wounds.

Meeting August 25

Just to remind you of our meeting next week at the Central Library with ML Malcolm, Heart of Lies.  Be sure to bring your book or books for her to autograph.  The fabulous Hat Contest will have a prize awarded.
We learned that we only need bring about a dozen cookies each for the meeting.  Also, afterwards Beverly Martin arranged for us to go to Chastain's to eat and visit.
Looking foward to seeing you next week!

Here is the event info sent to the Library's mailing list:

The SW Louisiana Pulpwood Queens Book Club Presents M L Malcolm event is scheduled for Wednesday 8/25/2010 at 5:00 PM. The description for the event is: Wednesday August 25, 2010 Southwest Louisiana Pulpwood Queen presents author M. L. Malcolm speaking about her book 'Heart of Lies'. The book is a blend of history and fiction set in World War II. A smart, exciting historical suspense novel set in Europe, Shanghai, and New York before World War II. The book is about a young Hungarian and the turmoils and aventures of Europe.M. L. Malcolm is a Harvard Law graduate, journalist, recovering attorney, and public speaker who has won several awards for short fiction, including recognition in the Lorian Hemingway International Short Story Competition, and a silver medal from ForeWord magazine for Historical Fiction Book of the Year. Malcolm has lived in Florida, Boston, Washington, D.C., France, New York, and Atlanta, and currently resides in Los Angeles. 

SHATTERED by Kathryn Casey

SHATTERED is a great title for this true crime book which shatters the glass facade that deceives.   David Temple mastered it, on the outside their family was as All-American as his football stardom, inside was the smoldering agression and brutality that had been ignored by Temple's family his entire life.  It took the murder of his wife and unborn daughter to clear the eyes of the many people who knew David Temple and just excused his behavior for a one time episode.  Smart and methodical he was careful around others, except his fellow coach.  With him he would let his guard down just enough for the pattern of his constant belittling of his wife and bullying of his students would begin to crack the glass.
Although Belinda Lucas, the wife that David Temple was convicted of murdering is painted as The Sunshine Girl.  You wonder why a smart, vivacious young woman, spunky in other areas always gave in to her husband and became a different person around him.  What is it about domestic abuse that causes a spouse to accept it as a way of life?

Kathryn Casey never disappoints.  I also appreciate that on her website she keeps up with the convictions, dates of parole etc.  so you can see the current disposition of any of her true crime books.

I might add, try her non-fiction series about Texas  Ranger Sarah Armstrong.  It's just as well-written!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Update Aug ML Malcolm's Visit & Change September book

We are gathering things for M L's  Visit on August 25.  Hopefully can meet with Marilyn Bonnette at the library this week to finalize.
Beverly Martin has agreed to lead the discussion following ML's Presentation (Much like we did for Ad)   
Remember to decorate or wear your hat for the meeting,  prize will be awarded for the most FABULOUS Hat (decided by ML)

After talking/emailing with many of you, we have decided to change the September book to The Mighty Queens of Freeville by Amy Dickinson.   She writes a column much like Dear Abby in the northeast.  She has also agreed to SKYPE in for our meeting on .Sept 29  (I was amazed!)  
So we need someone to volunteer to host the September meeting with SKYPE facilities   mainly TV hookups and fast internet connection, can bring laptop

Also our October and November authors have already agreed to SKYPE in also.  We will be looking for hostesses for those meetings also.

SEPT 29- The Mighty Queens of Freeville by Amy Dickinson
OCT 27 - Sweet By and By by Todd Johnson
Nov ?   The Lakota Way by Joseph Marshall III   probably  Nov 17 because of Thanksgiving
Dec?  Christmas party

At the September meeting we will also pass the hat for expenses for gifts etc for the author events, probably be between $5-$10 for each member.

Are you working on your scrapbook pages yet?  If you need some assistance Phyllis Hughes has offered to help.

Guess that's it for now,  think I'll go to bed

Night all

Queen Kay


Re: M L's Visit

I am so looking forward to our meeting next month with ML Malcolm!  Since she is a hat aficionado, I thought we could have a contest with her as judge!
Prize to be awarded for the "most fabulous hat!"
Hats may be store-bought, but use your creativity to add a dash or flair to make your hat spectacularly unique!
Queen Tracey

M L's Visit

Wonderfull Queens......How do we follow such a fabulous meeting with Ad Hudler?

How about a Fabulous Hat Contest!!  Queen Tracey has agreed to chair this project so find your best bonnet or decorate/design your own (I have a plain black straw hat that I am going to "design")  The hat contest is because M L wears hats everywhere, it's her signature.  So we thought a Hat Contest would be fun and she could be the judge.  

Ad sure appreciated all the books we had to sign so we will do the same thing with M L  

Queen Erin, thanks for your perseverance in working with the library to initiate this relationship.  Marilyn is very easy to work with.  

We still have napkins and cups from the last meeting.

Queen Allison is personalizing our bookmarks for M L -  (whenever you have them printed I'll cut!)  Also, she has punch frozen and I believe Queen Rachel does also  I don't think we need to bring as many cookies...what about a dozen or so from everyone???

Queen Beverly M has agreed to be the discussion leader this time and she's going to check with Chastain's for a possible place to eat afterwards.  Check with Beverly if you have some other ideas.

And the book is great!!  I hope you all enjoy it  I know I sure do

Queen Kay

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Ad Hudler's Blog

Thought you might be interested in reading Ad Hudler's blog about his Tailgate Tour!

Thanks to each and every one of you for making his visit a great event for our book club!