Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coffins of Little Hope...for Halloween?

When The Coffins of Little Hope by  Timothy Schaffert was selected for our October PQ meeting, I think we all expected a spooky Halloween tale.  Instead we were surprised by a tale that spans decades of an obituary writer for a small town newspaper.  An engrossing story that  shows we never leave the past behind, it always comes with us to resolution.

And we were fortunate to have the author do a video chat  and share how the story took on a life of its own as he took this idea of small town newspaper which also quietly prints bestseller to make ends meet.

And we were also treated to "coffins" labeled  Miserre and Desirree  by Queen Tracey and specialty cupcakes! Thank you Queen Tracey.

don't you love the picture of author Timothy Schaffert on the TV screen with the small inset of the SWLA PQ's in the corner?  Video Chats with the author add so much to our discussion.  Many thanks to Timothy and all the authors who have shared with us!

Secret Fans for our PQ's

Sorry to be  late in posting, just lots going on everyone else!

Our September meeting was to discuss the book Snow Flower and The Secret Fan by Lisa See .  A wonderful book about an old Chinese custom involving selection of best friends call "The Sames" and how they used fans to write to each other.  They wrote about every day life which included the custom of foot binding.  Which was very upsetting to our present day thinking.To emphasize the importance of communication between friends, we each made our own secret fans with words of wisdom written upon them to our royal sisters.

We are also honored to have Louisiana author Christa Allan   visit and discuss her book The Edge of Grace, although not a memoir as such, there were lots of personal events portrayed in the book and she graciously shared her story behind the story she had written.

Wonderful meeting!  Love our Royal Sisters!