Sunday, June 20, 2010

Queen of Broken Hearts by Cassandra King

I just finished reading this amazing fictional book that captured the true essence of those men and women going through the separation of their live as a couple to a single.  The grief and anquish is there; the self-doubt and the insulation from every being hurt again.  A moving tale that brings you through to the other side where hope is waiting.  

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on Girlfriends Weekend and First Extra Event

Kathy just announced the Thurs night authors dinner  $50 extra -  Does everyone want to attend?  We can gather our funds at the June meeting and send it in at one time if you want.

Keri did you send your registration in yet?

Also here is a listing of the authors who have been invited to attend

For Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guy Members ONLY:

Now until September 1st, 2010 or as long as tickets remain, you may purchase your ticket to our Author Dinner Theater for $50 per member. Author Dinner Theater includes:
Author Chef prepared dinner
Authors will be our wait staff and nobody can forget that at last year's event Pat Conroy, served the Sweet Tea!
And Playwright/Author, Michael Listor will be starring in one of his own plays set in a beauty shop with the all- star cast being authors!

Authors that have been invited to attend are:

Fannie Flagg
Pat Conroy
Cassandra King
Bernie Schein
Janis Owens
Melissa Conroy
Rick Bragg
Robert Leleux
Neil White
Mark Childress
River Jordan
Shellie Rushing Tomlinson
Ad Hudler
Michael Morris
Denise Hildreth Jones
Charles Martin
Patti Callahan Henry
Elise Blackwell
Jeanine Cummins
Amy Bourret
Judy Christie
Marcia Fine
Kimberly Willis Holt
Kathi Appelt
Vladimir Radunsky
Sam Bracken
Echo Garrett
Lisa Wingate
Susan Parker
Deeanne Gist
Tony Simmons
Michael Lister
Olivia deBelle Byrd
Dr. Mark Green
Karl Lenker
Jennie Helderman
Robert Greer
Judy Christie
Kathleen Kaska
Jenny Gardiner
Jamie Ford
Nicole Seitz
Helen Simonson
Kelly O'Conner McNees
Robin Oliveira
Todd Johnson
Susan Gregg Gilmore
Alice Hoffman
Caroline Leavitt

Next Meeting for PQ

Hope to see all of you at our May meeting at Peggy's home.  Author Robin Hemley will be doing a SKYPE-in from I believe France where he is doing a writing workshop.  Sounds like he enjoys world travel and writing.

Also, Ad Hudler has confirmed that he will be here on Wed July 14 and M L Malcolm will be here on Wed August 25.  I am looking forward to an enjoyable visit with these two vibrant authors.  Remember we want to have at least 25 books for them to sign.  It doesn't matter where you purchase them.

Those who missed our last meeting, we had a great time on the river at Chris's home and dancing around the Maypole.  

May 26, 2010 PQ Meeting

Hostess: Peggy Borel

Food Committee: Peggy,Beverly M, Chris, Janice

Discussion Leader: Allison

Book Selection: Do-Over! by Robin Hemley

The New Busy is not the old busy. Search, chat and e-mail from your inbox. Get started.

Kathy posted this on FB about some of the coming events for Girlfriends Weekend...FYI

Her (Fannie Flagg)  latest book will be out in time for Girlfriend Weekend Heidi and you won't believe who all I have coming this year. Pat Conroy is coming back, Janis Owens, Harper Lee Award winner Carolyn Haines, Mark Childress of "Crazy in Alabama" fame, the Queen for your Own Life girls, Kathy Kinney, Mimi on The Drew Carey Show and Cindy Ratzlaff who did the South Beach Diet Book. I could go on and on and this year our Author Dinner will be Author Dinner Theatre. I have playwright author coming from Florida who has a one act set in a beauty shop. All the authors will portray the roles. AND I think Rebecca Wells may be coming from Washington State and pehaps one of the guys from the television show "MAD MEN"! We may do a midnight showing to of a film.
I also have really, really big news breaking soon so hang on to your tiara, we are going on the reading ride of a lifetime.

FW: Jade del Cameron books

Received this email from Suzanne Arruda who wrote the Jade del Cameron adventure series.  We met her at Girlfriends Weekend and she is one spunky adventurer.  I've read one of her books thus far and certainly intend to read more

Her website if full of great stuff like maps of 1920's Africa, typical guidebooks etc of the era.  It's a rich history lesson as well as adventure tale.

If you get a chance to check out her webiste it's

And then go vote for her Author Blog Award.   Thanks Kay

> Hello again from the world of Jade del Cameron!
> I've got some EXCITING NEWS:
> As some of you may know, I post a weekly blog titled THROUGH JADE'S EYES in which I write about life in Jade's time in Africa. For instance today and last week I blogged about some of the guides and manuals to Africa that were printed at the time, guides the Jade might have used in planning some of her trips. So what is the exciting news?

> This blog has made the short list for Best Author Blog on the Completely Novel website, but….. I NEED YOUR VOTE TO WIN. May I ask you to please go to
> (if this doesn't hotlink, then just copy and paste into the browser)

> and click on the "click here to vote" button, then scroll down and choose "Suzanne Arruda's" blog. You must first register at the completely novel website to vote, BUT you will not be inundated with materials and you can un-register at any time. Plus you have a chance to WIN some free books through the Completely Novel website. Voting closes at midnight on Thursday, April 15 -- that's this week. What would winning mean to me? It could mean more publicity for the Jade series, which could enhance sales, which would increase the chance that the series will continue. Suffice to say, I would REALLY appreciate your vote. Note: You may only vote for me once, trying to vote for me a second time actually cancels the first note.
> And for other news, this e-mail is coming to you courtesy of a voice recognition computer software because yours truly fell and broke my right wrist three weeks ago. And yes, I'm right-handed. But I'm not letting it stop me. In fact, I intend to meet every one of my upcoming events & sign books. The signatures may just be a little more collectible than usual.
> Speaking of those events, I'm especially excited about the ones coming up at the beginning of May. On May 1 from 2-4 I'm at the Museum of African Art/Smithsonian for a signing. 950 Independence Ave. SW Washington, DC 20024 Stop by the gift store. Please come by if you live anywhere in the area. The museum is wonderful, and I'd love to meet some of you. Earlier that day I will be signing at the Malice Domestic Conference. This event and others are always updated on my website.
> Jade's 6th adventure: The Crocodile's Last Embrace, has arrived as galleys. We now have cover art which you can see on the website at Watch for announcements of its release in Sept 2010.
> Suzanne Arruda
> http://
> NOTE: You received this email because you requested updates. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please reply and tell me. I'll remove your name and address. No names or addresses are given out or sold to anyone else.