Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Meeting - The Lost Art of Walking

Last night's April Meeting was highly celebrated with the announcement of her engagement by Queen bells in Oct, and also the announcement of Queen Rachel's pregnancy...due in Nov

Everyone agreed that it was hard wading through The Lost Art of Walking by Geoff Nicholson. Entertaining at times, absurb at others and full of eccentric characters, I felt like I was reading just little vingettes with no theme or thread woven through the walking.

Instead of discussion questions, this time we did a Trivia Quiz designed by Queen Courtney. Divided into teams and laughed a lot! Suprisingly we had a 3 - way tie and had to go through several tie breakers before the winning team of Queen Linda B, Queen Sue, Queen Beverly and Queen Brenda came through and identified Old Leatherman.

Many thanks to the foods committee with outstanding dishes including two receipes from last month's book selection The Cracker Kitchen by Janis Owens. Queen Phyllis brought the Ramen ColeSlaw and Queen Erin made the strawberry pretzel dessert. Both great! Along with a lovely "Here Comes the Bride" cake, chips, dips and sandwiches provided by Queen Beverly and Queen Erins. Then washed down with the Mango/Rasberry Punch. Delicious!!

Plans are moving along for next year's Girlfriends Weekend. Queen Laurie has made reservations at the Excelsior Hotel. Registrations need to be sent in shortly. Queens Laurie, Beverly and Kay and definitely going!! Who else? Sign up now!!!

Next meeting will be at Queen Barbara's and the book selections is Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nicaraguan Mission July 2009

Dear Pulpwood Queens and PQ Authors,
Last year we donated to the mission trip to purchase Bibles for the orphanage. We learned that monetary contributions were best because they could purchase the books  and Bibles in Nicaraugua, thereby helping the economy.  This year has been a huge economic upset to many in our country yet we  have countless taken-for-granted blessings compared to a 4th World Country.
I am forwarding  the letter/email from our Queen Laurie Cormier who goes on these missions and becomes our hands.  Besides talking about this year, she expresses her gratitude for our contributions last year.  We met many authors at Girlfriends Weekend this year who expressed interest in this mission.  Therefore I am also including you in this mailing.  If you wish to contribute the address is at the bottom of this email.  Thank you very much.
Please prayerfully consider our response for this year.  Some ideas suggested include to collect contributions like last year or to have a raffle,  a read-a-thon or other fund raiser. We can discuss it at our April meeting.  In the meantime, if you have some ideas and want to pursue them give me a call or email.
Remember reading is a blessing we share.
Queen Kay

Dear Friends -
    Enclosed please find the article I wrote for the Catholic Page for the Newspaper here in Lake Charles.  Father Danny asked us to share some thoughts with others re our mission trip to Nicaragua - enclosed is what I wrote
"As a parent you want your child to grow up and become a successful person.  You want to show them everything that life has to offer and pray that they  find something in life that blesses them with a passion for life.  I had the opportunity to go with my son, PAUL, on a mission trip with Father Danny Torres to Nicaragua.  As a parent it was the most amazing experience to bring my son to witness the amazing transformation that God blesses us with by dong his work in a 4th world country.  You go there expecting to help and we did by a painting mission, doing medical mission work, a construction mission, vacation bible school, music ministry, feeding mission and sharing God's love with everyone we met.  However, the fruit of our labor blessed our lives everyday which is an unexpected blessing.  I feel so grateful, thankful and blessed by this experience with my 24 year old son.  It is by far the best thing I could have ever given him.  Laurie T. Cormier".
    This year I will again go to Nicaragua on a mission trip with my son and 30 other missionaries.  I need your prayers.  We will leave on July 4, 2009 along with my son, PAUL, I will be joined by my niece, Kate Thibodeaux, and another family member, Charmayne Yelverton. 
    We have two main fundraisers:
1) We sell raffle tickets and there will be only 500 sold.  They are $100 each. Drawing will be held on June 14th (1st prize $5,000.00; 2nd prize is $1,000.00; 3rd prize is $500.00) The money raised is for all supplies for the construction, painting, medical supplies, etc ---by purchasing the materials in Nicaragua it helps their economy. 5 people can purchase a raffle ticket together each paying $20.00 just write the five names on the stub - winners will share the amount won.
2) The Johnnie Thibodeaux Memorial Golf Tournament will be held Saturday, June 13th at Mallard Cove in Lake Charles.  The proceeds will benefit the boy's home. 
I am asking for your assistance - there are several ways YOU can help. 
1) Please pray for the safety of our mission trip
2) Please prayerfully consider making a donation to this GREAT, AMAZING Mission program
3) Please consider golfing in the tournament
4) Please pray for all people that we come into contact with for God to soften their hearts
5) Please forward this email on to others who might want to help us out
6) Please pray for us
7) Please pray for Father Danny Torres- a great man of GOD!
To make a donation or purchase a $100 raffle ticket please contact, Laurie T. Cormier (337) 436-5037 or mail a payment to Abrazando Cristo Mission Program, 418 Peake Street, Lake Charles, La  70601. 
It is really hard to ask your assistance during this time in our economic troubles here at home but I can assure you if we are hurting here --it is much worse over there.  A 3rd world country is a very poor and impovished country -- the 4th world is the worst of the worst in terms of poverty. Nicaragua is a 4th world country. 
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayerful consideration of anything that you can do to lend us a hand.  I have been blessed so much by my work in Nicaragua and I want you to know that I will be praying for each of you and your families while I am there. 
To all my book-loving friends - once again we will be purchasing bibles for the children and other books for them as well -- thanks to all my author friends and all the Pulpwood Queens who donated to the cause already!  You guys are awesome. 
Please forward this email on to others.